Cyberbullying and sexting. New open frontiers of criminal law: The case of Canada and Australia

dimitris liakopoulos


Abstract: This paper tries to investigate and analyze new crimes such as sexting, cyberbullying and bulling in a comparative way. Cyberbulism is in fact a term which includes a vast range of different behaviors, which many times do not cover criminal figures punishable by any criminal code at national or international level. These are new open frontiers, elements that must necessarily be kept in mind when one comes to the legal side of the issue. In spite of scientific divergences, the aforementioned multiplicity can be brought to unity by recognizing the presence of recurring elements such as aggression, intentionality, repetitiveness, together with the obvious use of electronic and digital communication means. A very important aspect on these figures and new phenomena is the relationship with minors and legal protection at an international and European level in this area of criminal law.

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