Conceptions of teacher in curricular policies of teacher education in physical education

Néri Emílio Soares Júnior, Néri Emílio Soares Júnior


This article deals with curricular policies for the initial training of physical education teachers. The objective is to identify the different conceptions of teacher contained in curriculum policies of initial formation of teachers of physical education for the school. The historical review carried out for our analysis was from the 1930s, when the first curriculum for the initial training courses for physical education teachers was published, with Decree-Law n. 1.212 in 1939, until the the publication of the National Curricular Guidelines for the training of teachers of basic education, at a higher level, undergraduate course, full graduation, which were established with Opinion CNE/CP n. 09/2001 (BRAZIL, 2001) and Resolution CNE/CP n. 01/2002 (BRAZIL, 2002). A documentary analysis of curricular policies for the initial training of physical education teachers and the curricular policies of initial teacher training for basic education was carried out. We find that the curriculum for the initial formation of the physical education teacher establish different conceptions of teacher, namely: teacher-instructor, technical teacher, teacher for the market and teacher technologist. These conceptions are related to the social context and the hegemonic political project, as well as to the meanings that physical education assumes in the social and political context and according to the correlation of forces between the groups that struggle for the hegemony of public policies in training of teachers of physical education and teachers for basic education.

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